Loan Rejected! Check Your CIBIL Credit Score Report online?

Dear Sir/Madam,
This is Mohan kumar, I applied for personal loan in HDFC Bank 2weeks before, and i submitted all the documents what they needed. but unfortunately they rejected my application due to some having "Less Score".
The guy is currently in a good financial position but his CIBIL history shows some old and pending loan payments reported by some other bank.So,what actually is Credit Score?How can Your know what my score is? how to remove Your name from defaulters-list?

CIBIL  Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd is a repository of information, which contains the credit history of commercial and consumer borrowers.CIBIL provides this information to its Members(Banks,Finance Companies,Credit card Companies etc) in the form of credit information reports to decide on granting loans/Credit cards.

These reports contain; basic borrower information (such as names, DOB's and addresses), past payment history, overdue amounts, records of all the credit facilities availed by the borrower, suit-filed status and number of inquiries made on that borrower, by different Members.Based on CIR they assign a Score from 300-900.The higher the Score the more favourably it is viewed by Credit Institutions.

How to Know your Score?

The Score plays a critical role in the loan approval process.  Your credit score provides Credit Institutions with an indication of how likely it is that you will pay back a loan based on your credit history.  However, it is important to note that every Credit Institution - that uses the CIBIL TransUnion Score - has its own benchmark of what constitutes a “good” score.  For example, a score of 670 may be an adequate score for some Credit Institutions to approve a loan however may be reason enough to reject a loan application for others.  Your CIBIL CIR is provided to you along with your Score because the CIR is the basis on which your Score is generated. 

There are various factors which influence the score such as Payment History, Outstanding Debt, Length of Credit History, Number and types of credit accounts, Utilization, and Applications for new credit.
CIBIL does not recommend what score should be used as a cut-off for loan application eligibility.

You will need to submit your personal, financial details and address proof along with a single time payment of Rs.450  to get the CIBIL credit report from the internet.  

Complete Instructions and Request Form can be found here:
Print the On-Line Payment Confirmation and mail it along with your Identity and Address proofs to any one of  below mentioned addresses:

Address for sending via Speed Post / Regular Post
(Kindly affix the required postage) :
Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited,

PO Box 421, Wagle Industrial Estate P.O, Thane 400 604.

Address for sending via Courier / Registered Post
Consumer Relations - Disclosure Request,
Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited,
Hoechst House, 6th Floor, 193, Backbay Reclamation, Nariman Point,
Mumbai 400 021.

How to remove Your name from defaulters-list?
Exercise good money management practices.Pay your debts on time.Contact the credit grantor from whom you have availed the loan and request the necessary changes. The credit grantor will then report the change to CIBIL and we will subsequently make the necessary updates in our records.

For more Information Visit :CIBIL Website