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Like in most other fields, Indian politics is discovering the benefits of interns or legislative assistants, who while learning about governance, help parliamentarians research policy issues and make informed decisions. The MPs, on their part, call it an "excellent initiative".MPs look for assistants to help them mainly with research that helps them improve their participation in legislative debates.

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More and more MPs in India, like their counterparts in some western countries, are using the services of legislative assistants to get to the bottom of policy issues and make informed interventions in parliament.
The concept of legislative assistants is gaining wider currency following attempts to institutionalise the process. PRS Legislative Research, a New Delhi based not-for-profit research initiative, has started a programme called LAMPs (Legislative Assistance for Members of Parliament) to popularise the concept in parliament and universities.
Bhavana Gawali Patil, who is among the youngest Shiv Sena MPs, said the concept of legislative interns was beneficial.
"We are not able to devote enough time to study legislation due to demands of electorate. Interns can provide us pointed briefings and learn from our interactions with people," she said.

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